Track 3 & 4

Track 3 - Number One Remix

Produced by Isaac Aesili

The first time I heard Isaac, his voice was on a track for Kiat. A multi-instrumentalist and producer from New Zealand, when I finally met Isaac for the first time what struck me the most about him was his smile. He is genuine, relaxed and warm, and the most memorable conversation I had with him was about how the scene in New Zealand grew from something non-existent to one that was vibrant and well-supported. At the time I was doing research on countries that had created music industries by mandating a percentage of airplay be dedicated to local music and given NZ's similarity in size to Singapore, I was very interested to hear how they'd done it.

I learned that artists are the best advocates, that government support is crucial, media support even more so, and that creative producers are vital. Most of all what I learned from Isaac was that being chill and smiling with your heart is the quickest way to make anyone feel comfortable. I still struggle with taking it easy.

Isaac first heard Number One at a gig I'd done for Syndicate Subsessions. It was after that he told me he'd be down to remix it and I was super excited he was keen. He's elevated it into a journey filled with trumpets and moving basslines and clapping chorus that make smile. If I have half the heart that Isaac Aesili does, I will be content.

Isaac Aesili's music.

Track 4 - Fly Remix

Produced by KoFlow

DJ KoFlow is a DMC champion and a respected veteran in Singapore's electronic and hip-hop scene. He's played alongside some big names like Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Missy Elliot and Nas, but is one of the most humble people I know. His life is not without struggle but I love catching up with Wayne when he comes back from touring because he always has amazing stories. At the time this remix gets released, Koflow will have completed a course at Dubspot and a stint on tour with Raekwon.

The first time I heard KoFlow's remix of Fly was for a gig we were doing at Night Festival. He had gotten 8 scratch DJs together to perform one of the best displays of turntablism I've ever seen. I remember meeting the guys one night at rehearsal and watching Koflow direct the set with comfort and confidence. One of the things I have learned from watching him is how to be a good leader and role model.

His remix of Fly is one of 3 on the Vandetta EP Remixes. I love how he has given it both weight and lightness at varying sections through the use of different drum patterns and bright synth melodies. It's the kind of track I like listening to when I'm getting ready to head out. It makes me feel like I take face anything the day throws at me.

KoFlow's music.

(Vandetta EP Remixes gets released free on Syndicate on Aug 4th)

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