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Track 2: Ground Zero Remix Produced by Intriguant

I had a shitty day today. The kind where you feel everything isn’t going right and it’s your fault. Doubt creeps in and overwhelms you to the point where you feel like you want to give up. Then I did a gig tonight for Obey that Intriguant played as well and came home to write this.

When I first heard of Intriguant, whose real name is Louis Quek, it was through my fellow Syndicate member, Brandon Tay. Brandon had created visuals for one of Intriguant’s sets. I wasn’t there but had later watched a video of the performance - shapes and patterns floated around the dark silouette of a man tweaking knobs and bobbing his head to handmade beats, seemingly random yet somehow in perfect harmony.

There is something about Inriguant’s remix of Ground Zero that is both urgent and calming at the same time. Perhaps it’s the mixture of reverb-laced bells and rumbling bass kicks that start out slow and steady, then shift into double-time at varying moments. There is a strange tension that I also find comforting.

Ground Zero was one of two songs on my 5 track EP that I made in my tiny bedroom back in Singapore. It’s about how even if you or the world around you changes, if you make mistakes or sometimes aren’t a great person, you must remember the essence of what makes you good and hold on to that truth. Forget that and you will lose your way.

Listening to Intriguant’s remix always puts me in a meditative state. As I listen to it again now, I’m reminded to be mindful. It’s exactly what I needed today to stay grounded. And as the second track on the EP, I feel it lays the groundwork for the rest of the songs to take flight.

(More about Intriguant's own music here)

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