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Vandetta EP Remixes

Took a while to get all of these together, dropping real soon as a free release on Syndicate's bandcamp page.

Here's the tracklisting and artwork by Kiat in the meantime.

1. Myne (Seven Saturdays Remix ft. Joey Ponchetti)

2. Ground Zero (Intriguat Remix)

3. Number One (Isaac Aesili Remix)

4. Fly (Koflow Remix)

5. Walls (Sauce 81 Remix ft. Albino Sound)

6. Fly (Jean Reiki Remix)

7. Myne (Beat Ventriloquists Remix)

8. Ground Zero (Kiat Remix)

9. Fly (Perk Pietrek Remix)

Mastered by Conrad Mugabo at Cosmic Zoo.

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