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Trusting someone else with my music - What I learned from 9 producers.

Blogging is very weird.

Even when you’re alone you feel like someone is watching you…

But for the artist, it can be very freeing.

So here I am telling you what I feel or have learned from each of the producers who did a remix on my album. I have 9, and the last I will write about also did the first single off the Vandetta EP Remixes.

Track 1: "Myne"

Remixed by Seven Saturdays ft. Joey Ponchetti on drums

For reference, this is my original.

I recorded this just after I'd moved to LA and was living in the Downtown area, which is incidentally where I first started recording with Jonathan Haskell, an intelligent, patient and talented artist who makes music as Seven Saturdays.

We recorded Aspers and Standing On Shadows Still with producer, Daniel Farris. It was usually a night filled with whiskey, tacos and sharing music (Daniel once played me a rare track by Prince called Crystal Ball that blew my mind). I also had some of my most memorable gigs in LA thanks to Jonathan.

We played The Satellite, and I remember the funny metallic curtains, the sturdy stage with a cool backstage area plastered with all sorts of band stickers. One of our last performances together was for a KCRW event at The Standard in West Hollywood.

One of the things I learned from Seven Saturdays was that following your heart has its rewards.

I respect hard work above a lot of other qualities in a musician because we all know to be a musician in SG, or anywhere else for that matter, you gotta work real hard and sometimes the pursuit of passion can be exhausting. Jonathan would work all day at his job and then spend late nights working on music, waking up to do it all over again the next day. It took him years to put the record together and he was determined to present a body of work that he believed in and could love forever. I admired his drive.

When I wrote Myne back in 2011, I recorded myself in my Downtown apartment - a loft with a few pieces of furniture and a very high ceilings. I'd sing at my dining table in the middle of the night, looking out through large windows at a deep black LA sky. It made me feel like I had a lot of space… like I was free. That’s also how I feel when I listen to the Seven Saturdays Remix of Myne, with its gradual soaring of the additional chords coupled with the open restraint of Joey Ponchetti on drums.

It's a good place to start off the remixes EP. A place where the heart is free and the mind is open.

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